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2012-09-24 08:03  



Several days back from America, I often feel like writingsomething to memorize this trip. Recalling the places we went to, from the westto the east, weve went to so many spots and I actually dontknow where to start .While I was tapping on the keyboard , a series ofpicturesque sceneries in Los Angeles flashed out of my mind ,so I decided tostart from here.

Roadside palms were a glossy green, the sky a deep, pure blue ,the clouds a thick , hypnotic white; ranges of mountains stretched out of myview, covered by layers of brown , fertile soil . Villas alongside the roadgave me a strong feeling of placing myself in the art gallery, cause each ofthem is painted by a different color. I saw little squirrels chasing after eachother now and then. Seeing the landscapes gave me a sense of freshness that Icouldnt have put into words , whatsoever, the only thing I wanted to do atthat moment was just to enjoy the charming scenery surrounding me .

Thinking of the day when we were rambling through the oldMexican Town in san diego , a very antique flavor suddenly permeated through mymind. The scenic town with its woodenframed houses , they all seem so long agonow, and they were. People in the old town were very friendly that made youthink you were no foreigner.

Talking about San Diego, I would never forget Coronado , anywayit is endowed with the nickname of the Crown City. Myfriends and I had a fine day at  the Coronado island . Treading on thesoft and scorching  sands , I really felt like I was having a feetmassage. As a place without shadows, many people went there to enjoy the sunbathing, if you are a big fan of surfing , I tell you, this place is actuallynot a safe and wise choice, Huntington beach would be a better choice.

After finishing our trip in the western part of America, wecontinued on east , through New Jersey , Boston , new York and eventually,Washington.DC. Compared with the easy and free or even sloppy feeling thewestern part of America had given me, the giant skyscrapers and crowded ,noisystreets in the east gave me a feeling that everyone was moving at a fasterpace.  They are just completely two different worlds.

As the capital of America and the headquarters of the UnitedNations, I had always thought Washington.DC was a solemn and serious place. Butwhen we were walking in the Washington city hall, that thought graduallychanged. Official staffs were willing to work their all out and lend you a handwhenever you need help. It is said that the city hall can also be used to holdwedding ceremony.

We also went to visit some world-famous universities, say,Harvard university and Yale university in Boston, Columbia university andPrinceton university in New York. Every school occupies a distinct role withtheir long, long educating backgrounds and also their architectures, say,Stanford university has always been a hot spot for Hollywood filmmaking due toits splendid architecture of ancient Rome.

Apart from the clean and beautiful campus , the uniquearchitectures , what impressed me the most were  the antique tower clocksthat each of these universities processed. The tower clocks are said to strikeevery 15 or 20 minutes in order to alarm students that time flies and they gotto be diligent.

Though we stayed in America for only a few days, if someone askwhat attracted me the most , I would without hesitation tell him that is thestrong sense of space, while, more precisely, is the sense of freedom thatappealed to me the most. While it is no easy work for me to describe everydetails and convey all my feelings of this trip, but I believe they willforever tattooed in my memory.









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